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Our mental health and wellbeing services offer targeted, innovative solutions and strategies to promote mental health across various sectors including education and criminal justice. 


We blend cutting-edge research and innovative thinking to provide customised wellbeing solutions.

At Miindfulness, we combine the latest research and evidence with creativity and innovation to deliver bespoke workforce development, consultancy and wellbeing services. With over 50 years of combined experience in the fields of mental health, education and psychology, our team has the passion and skill set to ensure that our offerings deliver real, measurable benefits.

We offer bespoke services to professionals, organisations and individuals across a range of sectors including education, criminal justice, drug and alcohol services and the care system. 



All workshops are interactive and provide an engaging opportunity to develop participant’s understanding of mental health, influencing factors and strategies that can be used to promote mental wellbeing.


Workforce Development

Our workforce development sessions are the perfect way to achieve personal and professional development goals of your team. Prior to all sessions, we work with you to understand your organisation and identify the key objectives which will underpin the training session.



Our consultancy services support individuals and organisations to successfully support the mental health and wellbeing of their team and/or clients and service users.


Trusted to improve mental health outcomes by people, schools, prisons and organisations.

“Your dedication to supporting better mental health and wellbeing for children is encouraging and aligns perfectly with our school’s vision. Your session was inspiring, enlightening and we have prompted us to make immediate changes to some of our school practices. Thank you again!”

Primary School Teacher