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Mental Wellbeing service for the Criminal Justice System

The crisis faced by the criminal justice sector is well documented and the mental health of staff and prisoners is in accelerated decline. 51% of male and 76% of female prisoners report that they have mental health issues with a justice committee report highlighting that only 10% are receiving treatment. In addition, the number of prison staff absences due to mental health nearly doubled between 2017 and 2022. Now more than ever, innovative solutions that address intersectional issues are crucial.

Innovative Mental Health Workshops

There is an indisputable link between mental ill health and involvement in crime. Similarly, better mental health in-prison and post-release decrease in the likelihood of recidivating.

Our bespoke workshops are delivered directly to those who have entered the criminal justice system or are at risk of doing so. Combining discussion based learning and practical activities, sessions empower participants to challenge their thinking, understand mental wellbeing and its influence on behaviour and decision making and most importantly, to develop strategies to manage their mental health and improve their outcomes.

Workshop focus areas include:

  • Youth crime prevention
  • Alternatives to conflict
  • Maintaining wellbeing while incarcerated
  • Mindset and motivation
  • Resilience and managing failure
  • Navigating parental incarceration
  • Developing and maintaining positive relationships
  • Engagement with education, training or employment
mental health workshop
Criminal Justice Support

Staff Training

Those working within criminal justice will inevitably interact with people presenting with complex social, emotional and mental health needs. Our training and development sessions provide engaging opportunities for staff to build upon their current knowledge and skills and effectively understand these needs and their implications for practice. Prior to all sessions, we work with you to identify key objectives and develop a bespoke delivery that ensures they are achieved.

Our approach is collaborative and our team will facilitate powerful conversations that empower your team to reflect upon current practice, identify areas for development and implement consistent approaches to mental wellbeing across your organisation.

Staff training themes include:

  • Trauma informed practice
  • Development of mental health practice and procedures
  • Mental health and rehabilitation
  • Mental health and crime prevention
  • Supporting wellbeing during transitions