Our Social Impact

Striving To Improve Mental Wellbeing

As an organisation, we are committed to improving the mental health and wellbeing outcomes of those facing disadvantage. Through our social impact, we directly address the socioeconomic inequalities that can lead to poor mental wellbeing through a range of activities including contribution to policy guidance, advocacy and the development and delivery of targeted, holistic community interventions that directly support those most in need.

Miindfulness Founder CEO Emma

Our Values

We know that in order to effect real change, the issues around health inequalities need to be addressed at various levels.

In addition to delivering free community interventions for those facing disadvantage, Emma, Viki and Dan are members of the All Party Parliamentary Group for a Fit and Healthy Childhood. They regularly influence government policy through their contribution to research and policy guidance and advocate for equality of mental health outcomes and the provision of accessible, holistic services for those who need them most.

Please find links to the parliamentary reports we have contributed to below:

Adverse Childhood Experiences

Adverse Childhood Experiences: Roads To Recovery

March 2024

A Plan For Play

A Plan For Play

September 2023

A 10 Year Failure For Mental Health

A 10 Year Failure For Mental Health

July 2023

A 10 Year Failure For Mental Health

Preconception Care Strategy

May 2023

The Mental Health Of Children And Young People

The Mental Health Of Children And Young People

July 2022

The Physical Health Of Children And Young People 2021

The Physical Health Of Children and Young People

December 2021

Our Mission

To Tackle Mental Health Inequalities & Provide Support

As part of our social impact, the not-for-profit branch of our organisation delivers effective community interventions that are co-designed with our service users. Our aim is to directly tackle the mental health inequalities and to provide those facing disadvantage with access to high-quality support when they need it. To find out more about our social impact please visit: miindful.co.uk

School Assembly Mental Health


Trusted to improve mental health outcomes by people, schools, prisons and organisations.

A2Dominion wholeheartedly recommends Miindfulness to any organization seeking to make a lasting impact on the mental well-being of children. Their innovative programs, genuine commitment, and collaborative approach make Miindfulness an invaluable partner in the shared mission of nurturing the next generation.”

Communities Partner, A2 Dominion Housing Association