Impactful Mental Wellbeing Services

With a wealth of experience within the sector, the Miindfulness team understands the unique challenges faced by education settings. With 1 in 6 children aged 5-16 likely to have a mental health problem, it has never been more important that education staff have the knowledge base and confidence to support pupil’s mental health. But, working in education is no easy task and 78% of education staff and 89% of senior leaders report feeling stressed. That’s where Miindfulness steps in. We design and deliver impactful social, emotional and mental health education, training and consultancy services that meet the needs of your setting and all applicable statutory responsibilities.

Miindfulness™ Programme

Our outstanding 6-week programme empowers pupils to develop resilience, emotional literacy and regulation and to understand their mental wellbeing and factors that can impact it both positively and negatively. Suitable for Primary or Secondary pupils, the programme includes 6 x 1 hour sessions delivered per class or per year group.

All sessions are engaging, interactive and will provide pupils with the skills they need to thrive personally and academically. And because we understand the impact of synergy between school and home, the programme engages parents & carers through an online workshop and practical resources to embed key principles at home.

Check out our 6 programme sessions themes below.

Parent/Carer workshop

As well as the 6 programme sessions we also offer a parent & carer workshop. This interactive workshop provides parents & carers with an overview of the programme and practical strategies to embed key learning at home.

Miindfulness Education

Programme Sessions

Why Mental Health Matters

Session 1: Why Mental Health Matters

This session explores the importance of mental health and wellbeing and the link between physical and mental health.

Understanding Emotions

Session 2: Understanding Emotions

This session develops pupil’s emotional literacy and understanding of the links between our thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

Identifying Triggers

Session 3: Identifying Triggers

Pupils will be supported to identify situations that can trigger overwhelming emotions and to understand the importance of not avoiding those situations. Instead, they will gain the confidence to view those situations as opportunities to practice regulating their emotions.

Managing Emotions

Session 4: Managing Emotions

This session introduces a range of practical strategies that pupils can use to create a ‘toolkit’ with which they can effectively manage their emotions.

Growth Mindset

Session 5: Growth Mindset and Goal Setting

This session encourages pupils to view setbacks or mistakes as opportunities to grow. The value of effort, intrinsic motivation and confidence are explored alongside practical suggestions to help pupils develop their growth mindset throughout their lives.

Dealing With Failure

Session 6: Resilience and dealing with failure

Pupils will gain an understanding of the importance of resilience and learn to view mistakes or failure as an opportunity to learn. Pupils will be introduced to practical strategies to develop resilience and understand how to implement these in everyday situations.

mental health workshop

Staff Training

Our bespoke staff training sessions are the perfect way to achieve the personal and professional development goals of your team. Prior to all sessions, we work with you to understand your setting and identify the key objectives which will underpin the training session. We don’t believe in ‘death by powerpoint’ at Miindfulness. Instead, we provide engaging sessions that foster collaboration and empower staff and practitioners to develop a clear plan to achieve your objectives.

Our approach focuses on prevention and early intervention with all sessions providing a range of evidence-based practical strategies that can immediately be implemented in your setting. From full/half day training covering a range of subject areas to targeted twilight sessions, your team will develop the understanding and confidence to support the social, emotional and mental health needs of all pupils. And because we cannot pour from an empty cup, all training sessions include strategies staff can use to manage their own mental wellbeing.

Training themes include:

  • Developing & implementing mental health policy and procedures
  • Child/Adolescent development
  • Emotional literacy and regulation
  • Risk taking behaviour
  • Trauma informed practice
  • Parental engagement
  • Emotionally based school avoidance

1 hour or ½ day Workshops

Whether they are delivered as a short assembly or an in-depth session, our workshops provide pupils with opportunities to develop social emotional and mental health skills that will positively impact them throughout their lives. Sessions encourage every pupil to apply their learning to their own circumstances, personalities, strengths, and areas for growth, empowering them to reach their true potential.

We offer bespoke workshops depending on a setting’s needs.

Popular workshop themes include:

  • Navigating transitions
  • Managing exam stress
  • Developing resilience
  • Managing anxiety
  • Bullying VS Banter
  • Healthy social media use
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